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17) Florist – The demand for flowers and bouquets is evergreen. You can always pursue this business as it does not require any specific skill. This business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a touch of creativity. J&Y Fabrics’ you don’t have to choose between maximal and minimal. The products will equip you to balance subtlety and extravagance with great ease— curating a dream-like beautiful space can now be anyone’s reality.

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If you are in search of such business ideas, this article is for you. In this article, we would provide Top 30 Profitable Retail Business Ideas to start with low investment. Be it age-old traditions or contemporary homes, Taana Baana finishes are novel, imbued with artsy, cultural hints that aptly represent all parts of India. The wall textures come in multiple shade combinations in metallic and non-metallic variants. The sheer multitude of the range makes it an ideal pick to introduce a personal touch with a modern outlook to living spaces. The concept of sustainable fashion has gained traction over the years.

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Last but not the least, the Light Beam serves as a stunning state-of-the-art device spread over the two bifurcated units of the lush living room. One section exuding an elegant aura, plush with Italian furniture, and the other more minimal with concrete blocks crafting its seating. Framed in a brass sheet material and cast brass in its centre, the unfinished fitting is left raw to let it age naturally over time. Its prominent yet slim dimensions do not add any unnecessary weight to the space. Illustrated in an illuminated base of alabaster, the light beam is consistent with the rest of the lights matching the theme of the home.

At the serene setting in the spa section of the residence stands out the Geometric Sky piece solicitously selected by Sharma from the brand’s upcoming Abstract Collection. Bringing the room together flawlessly, the fixture complements the relaxing ambiance of the space superbly. A sight for the eyes as one soaks in the rock jacuzzi, the subtle beauty of the Geometric Sky fitting is enhanced by the light alabaster veins in its design with a dainty antique frame adding to its beauty.

Many middle-class people demand secondhand items for expensive products like bed, almirah, tables, electronics, etc. The procurement of the right product at the right price is very important in this business. This is one of the top retail business ideas to start with low investment and get high profits. No need to mention that mobiles and smart phones have become a big craze amongst the youth and a necessity for all.

The joyful occasion which is marked by get-togethers and social gatherings is a great time to exchange gifts with people you are fond of. Every year as we meet our relatives and people we love, we exchange gifts along with good wishes on Christmas. But if you have not decided on a gift for Christmas, we are here to help you. Everyday Basics range with exquisite designs for everyday use. NEW ARRIVALS Everyday Basics range with exquisite designs for everyday use. With Colour Ideas stores, we help you pick your perfect paint without having to compromise on your favourite colours.


From influencers to celebrities everyone is talking about it. Sustainable fashion refers to garments and accessories that are produced and/or accessed in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. There are many online sites and even physical stores which sell sustainable clothes.

Devoid of any traces of chemicals, that is zero chemical intervention, the dyes also contain end-to-end traceable properties enabling environmental accountability. The linens are not only nature-conscious but are also easy on the pockets that every home and consumer would love to own for its favourite space, bedrooms, where leisure, creativity and work hours all come alive at once. Nviting appeal and allure, the collection’s design expresses an adventuresome yet sophisticated aura. The trendsetting assortment of classic comforters and bed linens model a magnetising sense of aesthetic, offering consumers style-forward inspirations to upgrade their bedrooms attractively. Today, the market is plashed with the products related to kids.

They can spend a good amount of money to get the tattoo of their choice. A huge variety of themes are available in this field, so you need to keep yourself updated. 15) Tours and travel organizer – If you have good knowledge about tourist destinations all around the world and good planning skills, you can open a tour and travel agency. In this business, you need to take care of the tickets along with their stay arrangements and sight-seeing.

Glossy metallic shades like copper, gold and white envelop the top and enhance the motifs. Looking to buy luxury, high-end products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? India’s key stock benchmarks closed at record highs amid choppy trade on Wednesday, bucking the bearish mood in other Asian markets, as merger-bound HDFC Bank and HDFC, as well as software shares, paced the gains.

These pieces hold the charm to instantly change the design dynamics of a living space. An objet’d art or accessory to be placed on shelves and racks as decor. Envisioning one-of-a-kind light fixtures in its extensive portfolio, Emanate Home is driven by the philosophy of ‘innovate to dominate’, invariably striving to devise unparalleled designs.