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Even if people do not engage in the action of prompt purchasing, mall advertising gives you adequate chances to make greater contact with your target audience. With efficient strategies of branding and design aesthetics of the advertising materials, mall branding can become of the greatest weapons to mobilize your brand among the people. It seems any city’s landscape is incomplete without malls in today’s times. Earlier malls were limited to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc but the mall culture boomed so drastically that in no time the malls started to pop up even in rural areas. For consumers malls are convenient infrastructures that offer them different facilities like eateries, shopping outlets and entertainment zones under one building. The availability of wide variety of stuff in one roof saves time and effort in juggling from to store to store for various items. You can have arrangements where posting an in-store picture on Instagram with your store’s handle tagged below can get buyers featured on your social media page.

And how to build relationships with customers because building a relationship with a customer makes a customer a repeat customer and a permanent customer. Customers Support – Helping customers if they don’t understand or can’t find a product. If your space is small, then you need to re-plan the interior of your store. Malls feature large lobbies and open areas in front of mall doors that marketers may utilize to display banners, hoardings, and other types of advertising. Over the decades, Excellent Publicity has worked hard to establish relationships with many advertising and marketing companies in all of the country’s large cities and even rural areas. Shopping malls have the distinct benefit of advertising and promoting items while also selling them on the same grounds.

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Keep your social media up to date with all the latest discounts, clearance sales, new collections, and more. As a means to attract buyers, Infiniti Mall Malad took the route of discounts and offered a flat 60% sale. The response was decent, Mukesh Kumar, CEO, Infiniti Mall tells us, adding that they are planning to run more such offers to drive people to the mall.

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If yes, then do not worry as we are here to help our clients. As a retail promoter, PPMS takes into account the factors that we have highlighted sabove while while devising a promotion strategy. Another factor is the type of audience that is being targeted, whether the promotion ideas being employed are geared towards them.

The management also onboarded popular local influencers to do walk-throughs to help assure customers about safety. The live weather updates or traffic information can help them recall a serious business and reach on time, thanks to digital signage. One of the best ways to engage shoppers at a mall is by leveraging social media. You can display your social media feeds on digital mall signage. A social wall is a fantastic tool as it allows you to create a collage of custom feeds from various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Over a period of time the tenant mix of a property should serve your customers comprehensively and comfortably.

Some Must-Know Tips For Mall Advertising

It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process, both individually and in groups. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics, psychographics, and behavioural variables in an attempt to understand people’s wants. It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general. Malls have taken the place of few parks in the city where the family go together to enjoy.

Few Retail Display Strategies that are Known to Have a High Success Rate:

Focus on driving brand awareness and building trust among your retained customers so that your retail can take off solely by word of mouth, if not anything. ​At Fulcrum, we have a proven track record of delivering successful marketing strategies for a great variety of retailers and shopping centres. The key to this success has been a willingness to listen, understand each business, tailor solutions to suit each unique situation and maintain regular, open and honest communication. We are a local marketing and sales agency that help small/medium sized businesses and Start up. Established for over 10 years, our clients vary in size and cover a wide variety of business sectors. What if your mall had digital signs that allowed everyone to play some games for free? Youngsters today visit the malls to catch up with friends or just window-shop.

The property manager, landlord, and the tenants in a property all have a vested interest in marketing the property successfully. A performing property will have stronger rentals and less property vacancies and the tenants will achieve more sales from a well-run marketing campaign. Try using the term “shopping mall” to locate names for your company in shopping malls.