How to Enable Video Recording of Changes in Your Windows Server

Right-click the application and select the Uninstall button. You’ll find quite a few native methods to remove bloatware from Windows. However, if these fail, you may have to opt for a third-party app like Revo Uninstaller. Any program installed on your PC should uninstall easily, which just isn’t the case with McAfee bloatware. Malware authors often use Adobe programs to install their dangerous software.

These screenshots are automatically saved in MP4 and other video formats and can be broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, and other destinations. If you’re link running an older version of Android, you may be able to screen record, but it takes some digging to find and enable. You’ll need to enable your Android device’s developer mode to allow screen recording. You may want to record your computer or laptop screen for several reasons. A simple screen recording can be used to demonstrate how your product works to a potential customer—running into a technical problem while working remotely? Capture a bug to share with your Dev or IT team.

How to Use the Windows Snip Sketch App/Snipping Tool

It offers text-recognition support for 6 languages and also allows you to extract text from images with text recognition. Here, you can use OCR to create text objects and copy to the system clipboard. You can also take a screenshot with the command Win + Alt + Print Screen. Both videos and screenshots are saved to your computer with the name of the game and a timestamp in the filename. They also show up in the Game DVR section of the Xbox app, from where you can share them with your Xbox Live friends.

  • Such apps are very popular, so there’s no shortage of shoddily made or outright malicious ones available.
  • This installs the latest update and restarts Docker Desktop for the changes to take effect.
  • If you accidentally click on an application that’s not shared, they’ll still see only the application being shared.
  • You’ll then have the option to change some settings for your recording, such as the audio source and capture size.

Click on the Windows search bar and type ‘’Xbox’’ then Enter. Alternatively, press Windows + G on your keyboard. If you’re not using macOS Mojave or later, you can use QuickTime, which is available on all Macs. The Screenshot toolbar is available inmacOS Mojave or later. Or drag to select an area to record, then click Start Recording within that area. However, if you find the Game Bar failed to take a video of the screen on Windows 10 or it slows down your PC, you can disable Game Bar.

Secret Screen Recorder for iPhone/iPad – iOS Screen Recording

This tool helps you to record Video tutorials, apps and Games, Live streams, Skype calls, Webinars, and more. Hit the “REC” button or use the hotkeys to begin recording your screen activities on the computer. You are allowed to record with or without audio and webcam.

ways to uninstall programs on Windows 10

Sometimes a program may be interfering with the PC performance, and this may cause the uninstallation error. You can load your PC in safe mode and then use any above methods to uninstall the program. If you don’t know how to boot into Safe Mode, use the following steps and then use any methods to uninstall provided to finish the uninstallation. Chances are you don’t know that you can remove programs straight from the Start menu.